Welcome!  I've been wanting to start a new site for ages now, and it's finally here!  We've got lots of exciting services in the works, but for now we're focusing on web design + branding.  

I'll be on the blog regularly, posting client projects, personal projects, and general inspiration ideas, from images & photos to typography - so check back often!  And of course, if you ever have any questions or ideas, feel free to shoot me an email at andrea@mantalakidesign.com

Anyway, a little about our website.  Its style is meant to reflect our personal style and philosophy of our burgeoning company.   Mantalaki = simple, intuitive, easy to use.  The site was inspired by an image I found and immediately connected with (below). The palm trees and beach remind me of my sunny California home, and mid-century cool.  If you've ever seen Mad Men, it reminds me of the scenes when they go to California.  I love the color scheme and knew I had to incorporate them into this site.  AND, do you recognize anything from the banner? ;-)

Because of the breezy, light-filled image, we didn't want to weigh everything else down with heavy use of text and links.  Instead, we wanted to spin a pattern of images, fine layout, and small bites of text to communicate our message.  As the site evolves, you'll be seeing more of these elements.

Future features we want to add to the site: a dedicated portfolio, more images and graphics, and eventually premade 'themes' that you can simply download and apply to your own site!

Thanks for stopping by!  




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